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What Makes Us... Us 😊

🤔 Why Did We Create WMUH?

Growing up we were exposed to media in a world that profited from separating people... from making people feel like they're  not good enough... like they needed to try to be someone else in order to be happy...

We didn't like it, so we wanted to change it. 

We started our blog on instagram in 2018 because we wanted an excuse to ask the people we love what makes them happy.

And something funny happened. 

Not only did they become happier when telling their story, but we became happier as well... and so did you. 

By retelling their stories it made them happy... made us happy... and made you happy.

💪 The WMUH Mission

Our mission is to share your stories of happiness, to help others find theirs.

🌎 Still Not Hooked?

Not only do we want you to be happy, but we want our community to be happy.

10% of our profits will go to mental health organizations focusing on promoting positivity.

Let's change the world, one smile at a time.

Will you join the WMUH family?